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27 · New York
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I am grateful for
My identity in Christ, a community on mission for the Gospel 🔥
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My ideal Sunday
Church, brunch with great conversations helping out! 💪🏾
Hello there!

“A Christian needs others because of Jesus Christ. In Jesus we have been chosen from eternity, accepted in time, and united for eternity.”

— Dietrich Bonhoeffer

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It’s a real Christian app

5 Stars App Store Review

This app is different because they manually review each application. If you’re looking for a hookup, please go somewhere else. Believers who have Christ in them, give this app a chance.


5 Stars App Store Review

I love how this app has so many Bible verses throughout it! It’s so rare to find an app that seeks to uplift and encourage one another and honor Christ!


5 Stars App Store Review

A breath of fresh air for Christians trying to find a partner. Not only are the staff friendly, even the subscription fees are reasonable. Exactly what the Christian community needs!

Met my wife so it was worth it

5 Stars App Store Review

The app is great! A place where other Christians exist besides church! I’ve been married two years now. Don’t be here to meet “nice” people, but people who you can grow in the Lord with.

Best Christian app ever

5 Stars App Store Review

This app is phenomenal! It’s one of the best Christian dating apps ever made in my opinion. Beats other apps with their emphasis on Jesus! Can’t recommend it enough!

Quality Christian app

5 Stars App Store Review

So refreshing. I love that there’s a focus on authentic relationships. You can feel that this app is run by Christians who value Jesus and connecting the body of Christ first and foremost.

So thankful for this app!

4 Stars App Store Review

In a world of shallow dating apps, this gem stands above the rest. It's Jesus centered. It feels genuine. I recommend this to my Christian friends all the time.


5 Stars App Store Review

I am so grateful that there is an app out there for people who want to date differently. I love the approach that they take as it aligns with my values.

Best dating app

5 Stars App Store Review

I absolutely love Holy! It’s the best dating app I have ever been on. It’s extremely safe and the quality of matches is amazing. I love how Christ centered it truly is. Highly recommend.

Met my now fiancé on here!

5 Stars App Store Review

Thank you for this app and ministry. It definitely stands out over other Christian dating apps out there. I barely used it before I met a guy last August, and we just got engaged in January.

Met my wife on this app

5 Stars App Store Review

On other apps I’d have weeks of conversations to know what people believe. Here you can tell who loves Jesus and who plays church. Love my wife, and I have this app to help thank.

Met my wife through here

5 Stars App Store Review

After downloading, I eventually found my wife. I love that the mission is to find God-centered people. As opposed to faith being a label, it is the core philosophy how this app is designed.

Great dating app

5 Stars App Store Review

I like how they actually vet the profiles before letting people join the community. Definitely recommend this for any Christians looking to date or looking for friends!


5 Stars App Store Review

There’s so much prayer and intentionality behind this app. I can sense it immediately. The small details matter to God. Praying this app grows with more believers.


5 Stars App Store Review

They have done a wonderful job making sure it’s a safe and encouraging environment for finding new friends as well as building new relationships in Christ. Wonderful job.

Thumbs up for the Holy app!

Grow your faith together

We named our app Holy to remind ourselves of our calling as Christians. Regular dating apps are about instant gratification, leaving dignity and holiness at the door. We put our Christian calling first, always seeking to encourage one another in faith.


Christ before all things

The whole app is centered on Jesus and God’s word. Unless we focus on what truly matters, we’re doing relationships wrong.


Intentional people only

Goodbye trolls. We manually review every single profile and selfie-verify all photos. Yes, that’s a ridiculous amount of work, but worth it, so you can talk to real people.


Culture of encouragement

The profile prompts are designed for uplifting connections, allowing people to express the love of Christ in their lives. How can we encourage one another with the hope we were given?


Ethical design

No swiping here. We believe that each human is made in the image of God, and that technology impacts how we see and treat others. That’s why the actions on the app are designed to show dignity.


Meaningfully paced

Have you ever met 150 people by name in 15 minutes? That sounds exhausting. That’s why we pace our app for meaningful interactions, with intentional breaks and scripture reminders.


Community supported

We are independent and 100% community-supported. No ads, no selling of data, no corporate agenda. Only one simple mission: encourage people in their faith through community.

A tiny team on a big mission

Unlike apps made by big companies, the Holy app is entirely built by married couple Kathleen & Jonathan, with help from a caring psychologist. We take our mission seriously in serving the Holy community. You have direct access to chat with us in the app. We love to hear from you!




After a decade-long design career at large and small startups, Kathleen started Holy (formerly United Young) with her husband, Jonathan. Her primary focus is caring for the community, improving the app experience, and bringing great fun to the team.




Writing code since the mid-‘90s, Jonathan has decades of experience using his talents in technology to build and serve the Christian community. On his time off, he loves building legos with their 3-year-old daughter.



Prayer Support & Review

Judith (a marriage and family psychologist, who is also Jonathan’s mother) has been the biggest supporter and advocate for the Holy community since day one. She has spent endless hours praying over the community and helps review and approve community applications and photos.


1 Thessalonians 4:9–10

“Regarding life together and getting along with each other, you don’t need me to tell you what to do. You’re God-taught in these matters. Just love one another! You’re already good at it; your friends all over the province of Macedonia are the evidence. Keep it up; get better and better at it.” (MSG)